Anna. My head is in Austria but my heart is in LA. I take photos of bands whenever they let me. .

wtf how does this have so many likes???

back to LA!

I have so much stuff from SDCC holy shit

a lot of it was free though

I’m gonna take more photos once I’m back in Austria next week

look at the little kodama I got ❤️😍 #princessmononoke #studioghibli #sdcc

so I went to GodzillaCon and took a photo of me hugging Godzilla but it actually looks like I want to grab his crotch

just in case you didn’t know already…I’m a tad bit obsessed with #guardiansofthegalaxy

I couldn’t resist #rocket #rocketraccoon #groot #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy #marvel #pop #funko

selfie with Grey Wind #got #gameofthrones #direwolf #sdcc

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I left a message - you better take it seriously #godzilla #godzillacon #sdcc

selfie with @evangelinelillyofficial ❤️ always an absolute pleasure seeing you ❤️ #sdcc

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why the fuck does my photo of Kit Harington on instagram have 165 likes? it’s just a photo of him on the screen in Hall H yesterday?

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Anonymous asked ;  
omg how did you met Sarah???

I was at the American Horror Story panel and it was in a fairly small room (I had a seat in 3rd row) so when the cast got up to leave the stage I walked up and Sarah was still on stage so I was like ‘Sarah can we take a selfie?’ and she was like ‘Yes! Hang on!’ and then came off stage to the side and came up to me and we took a selfie haha she was so cute!! I geeked out so hard!

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I look like poop in that photo but omg!!!!

Jul 27 · 1 day ago

So I took a selfie with @mssarah__paulson ❤️ #ahs #americanhorrorstory #sdcc

well hello there Evan #evanpeters #ahs #americanhorrorstory #sdcc