Anna. My head is in Austria but my heart is in LA. I take photos of bands whenever they let me. .

gorgeous shot I took of the eclipse #eclipse #bloodmoon #moon #lunareclipse #sobeautiful #bloodmooneclipse #natureisfullofwonders #mysteryofthenightsky #photography #nature #heynatgeolookatthis

gorgeous shot I took of the eclipse #eclipse #bloodmoon #moon #lunareclipse #sobeautiful #bloodmooneclipse #natureisfullofwonders #mysteryofthenightsky #photography #nature #heynatgeolookatthis

Anonymous asked:

I’m sorry. I appreciate that you care but I can’t. I’d just be miserable. Until I’m back to normal, it’s just better that I stay offline. I’ve just come online to tweet Gerard happy birthday.

Thank you for the message though. 

(And thanks to everyone else who has messaged me, I’m sorry that I couldn’t reply.)

Dear followers and friends,

I haven’t been doing so well lately, health-wise and otherwise and I need to take care of myself so I won’t be online. At this time, I don’t really wanna go into detail but I just can’t do this right now. I just don’t want to and can’t be here at the moment. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone and honestly, I can’t say whether I’ll be back or not. 

I will leave this blog as it is so you have full access to my HQs and my advice tag. For anyone who is still interested in the friendship/penpal project - I’ve asked a friend to take over so you can still participate.

For those who still care, don’t worry.

I hope you understand. Thank you. Bye.


Anonymous asked:
I need help. I am 97% sure I'm in love with this guy. we've dated before but broke up and we were talking about for like 3 weeks but I've never felt this way about anyone, but one day we got in a fight and he stopped talking to me. i messaged him and said sorry asking if we could be friends and he said yea, but I need him more than a friend, what should I do?

Well you can’t make someone feel about you a certain way…it either happens or it doesn’t. So all you can really do is wait and see and let him know how you feel. But avoid pressuring him in any way because that will most likely backfire. Just be honest and make sure he knows but then give him some space so he can think about it and decide what he wants. 

#tbt #throwbackthursday Route Guano #california

#tbt #throwbackthursday Route Guano #california

Anonymous asked:
hi! I've been always wondering, how close are you and lindsey? like how did she send you that amazing artwork of hers?

You sure wonder about some random things lol
And I bought the artwork from Sloan Fine Art - who presented the installation at the LA art show. No mystery there, I bought it, Alix Sloan shipped it to me. I didn’t even tell Lindsey until I got it. Just supporting a person very dear to me and the amazing art she makes :) 

Emilia Clarke & Rose Leslie @ Game Of Thrones Season 4 Premiere.

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